5 Reasons You Should Protest Your Property Taxes

1. Immediate Savings On Your Bill

Lowering your property tax assessment can save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars each year.

2. It Takes Basically No Effort

With new developments in technology, protesting your property tax bill has never been easier.

3. Protect Your Home’s Value

An over-assessed property can make your home seem less attractive to potential buyers, lowering its market value.

4. Give the Government LESS Money

Chicago, Cook County, and Illinois are some of the highest-taxed places in the country. Why give them any more of your hard earned money?

5. The Deadline Ends June 20th, 2024

After that, you’ll lose the legal right to appeal your taxes for another THREE years.

Here’s How You Can Qualify:

Step 1: Simply click below to visit OwnWell
Step 2: Fill out your address and basic info to get started on your property tax appeal today